4 Great Interior Design Ideas for Small Office Spaces

Working in a small office can feel very restrictive sometimes, but you don’t need to let the size of your workplace drag down your productivity. Here are four great interior design ideas that are perfect for smaller office spaces.

Think vertical with storage

Your walls are likely bare and there’s a lot of potential there for more storage space to put your stuff. Whether it’s taller cabinets or hanging more shelves, think vertical when it comes to storage.

Office Interior Design

Make space for decor

Greater interior design is all about making the most of your space and you might think that it means cramming your small office space with functional things like computers, storage and so on. However, leaving a bit of space for decor such as plants, photographs and hanging picture frames is just as important to create a comfortable office environment.

Office Interior Design

Don’t forget the light

Natural lighting is the best way to illuminate your office so make the most of your windows whenever possible to introduce more natural light. Try to avoid having anything that blocks your windows or denies you access to it. You want to be able to open and close the curtains at will and you also want to be able to utilise the natural light so you’re not forced to turn on the lights.

Office Interior Design

Trim your furniture

Be it shorter desks or stools instead of large chairs, there’s a world of trimmed-down furniture that can be fantastic for creating the illusion of having more space in a small office.

Office Interior Design

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