5 TOP Modern Office Space Idea

A workplace is a wonderful place to uplift ideas and turn them into reality. Gone are days, when just four walls of space were enough to retain and hire new talent. The modern office concept has added a lot more to the space. The idea is to create a space where employees can feel more productive, creative, and positive.

You can hire the service of Office Refurbishment Experts to revive your existing space. Here we’ve put together some modern office ideas to attract top talents, boost productivity, and most important of all a place where employees enjoy their work.

Without further ado, let’s get straight modern office space concept.

1. Biophilic Design

One of the most popular designs is the biophilic design. Under it natural elements like wood, stone, indoor plants, and varied textures are used. It helps to improve health, concentration, creativity, and work performance. In this, natural light plays a vital role to improve the overall space. In the modern design, many add flowing water elements in the form of fountain, mini-waterfall to provide tranquil soundscapes to the space.

2. Industrial Office Design

Industrial office design is a very clever idea in modern office design. It shows your business as unconventional, rebellious, and creative. Compared to a luxurious office, it is more budget friendly. Here rawness is the main element. Under this, you usually find the exposed ceiling air ducts, ceiling pipes, ceiling beams, natural woods, overhanging light textures with exposed lamps, exposed brick walls, large windows, and concrete floors.

3. Ergonomic

With the long working hours and unhealthy lifestyle, there are many negative effects on health and that is why new technologies are introduced in the workspace. Following are some:

Sit/Stand Desk Risers: It allows you to adjust the height of the mechanical platform. It is perfect where employees alternate sitting and standing while working.

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