Create a Motivating Office Space in 5 Steps

One of the keys to feeling motivated at work is to make sure that you have a comfortable and practical work area. It may be time to refurbish your office and make the most of the space which you have. Below are 5 tips to help you achieve a motivating work environment.

  1. Don’t space people out too much

You’ll need to find a balance between people sitting too close or too far apart. Remember they’ll need their own personal space to feel comfortable and be able to set up their desk ready for work. 

If people are too far apart then they may end up having to shout across the room to get the attention of their colleagues. They may also feel isolated from conversations if they are too far away from others, and are sat on their own.

Similarly, if they are too close to each other then they may get distracted, or feel as though a colleague is watching their every move. It’ll take some moving around and planning to find the perfect place for each desk, but once you’ve nailed that your staff will thank you for it later.

  1. Make sure to have comfortable furniture

Whilst comfortable office furniture may seem obvious, it can often be overlooked. If your staff are sitting at their desks all day, then the number one priority is that they are comfortable. An office chair which supports their back is really important, as sitting down for long periods of time in an uncomfortable chair can cause aches and pains.

You should also consider the desk height, the chairs should be able to comfortably fit underneath them and provide enough leg room. The best way to do this is to have adjustable furniture, for example having desks where you can change the height, as well as the chairs.

  1. Allow space for socialising 

It’s important to get up and about during the day even if it’s just to take 5 minutes to go and make a coffee and have a chat. Having a space for people to socialise, whether that be a seating area, kitchen area or just a designated breakout area, can help divide up a busy day and keep the team motivated.

Breakout areas can include sofas, tables, soft lighting etc. These spaces are designed for you to step away from staring at a screen for long periods of time, as this can cause you to become tired and bored. Allowing space for socialising will help increase productivity and also help to keep your team on track of what they’re doing

  1. Have a dedicated space for team meetings

This is especially important if you’ve opted for a hot desk approach. It allows people who are on a certain team to come together in a dedicated space to run through anything they need to share.

You can create this space by including boardroom meeting tables, a television to present to others in the team, and a station to plug in any laptops which may be needed for people to work during these meetings.

If you have a smaller space, it may be worth considering using office partitions in your room, this way it separates the team discussions from happening directly in a space where others are trying to work and concentrate on something else.

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