How to Budget for an Office Refurbishment

Any firm or small business interested in revamping or reworking their workspace will be keen to know what the average office refurbishment cost is. Unfortunately, there is no ‘average’ cost – it is largely down to your specific needs and requirements as to how much you will spend once any given project is completed. Therefore, office refurbishment should never be entered into with a specific cost in mind – what we advise our clients is to have a budget range so that we may be able to work with them towards a target that is comfortable and feasible for them. Therefore, we can still work towards implementing the changes and additions that they may require.

When budgeting for an office refurbishment in the first instance, you should consider which elements of your workspace – or prospective workspace – can be considered a ‘necessity’. A fantastic place to start is therefore to make provision for, at the least, what you’ll certainly need to come away with. This way, you will be able to set up with a flat budget that can be edited, added to and reduced where applicable once the project is underway. We will work with you so that you can itemise and plan your flat budget before we get started – meaning that, should you have any wiggle room to add any extra services or features, you will be in more of a position to do so. Office refurbishment costs needn’t skyrocket!

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