Important Advantages of Office Partitions and Their Types

A partition wall is a wall or division composed of bricks, studding, glass, or other similar materials that is used to separate one room or portion of a space from another. Partition walls are intended to be non-load bearing. It can be foldable, collapsible, or fixed. A load-bearing partition wall is referred to as an ‘internal wall.’ A vertical divider that establishes a division between individual spaces inside a structure is known as a wall partition. Apart from simple bricks, a variety of materials are utilised to create office partitions. The following are some of them:


  • Partition of Glass:

Between hardwood structures, glass walls are installed. They’re light, noise-proof, and pest-proof.

  • Solid Partitions:

Solid partitions made of Concrete and they are sturdy, long-lasting, sound-proof, insulated, fire-resistant, and economical.

  • Partition Made of Plaster Slabs:

When opposed to drywall, plaster is more resistant to dents and knocks in most circumstances. It is both strong and long-lasting.

  • Partition Wall Made of Metal Lath:

To some extent, these partition walls are fire partitions. They’re also long-lasting and durable.

  • Slab Partition Made of Wool:

Wool slab partitions are excellent heat and sound insulators.

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