Interior Glass Doors For Modern Office Spaces

Anyone with more than a little experience in office design and modern movements in the industry will tell you that office partitions as we know them are on their way out. Gone are the days of stuffy cubicles and immovable partitioning – glass is no longer a luxury commodity and, while still fabulous to look at, is now available widely to the commercial sector in a vast array of styles and forms. GXI have years of experience in helping to create truly stunning glass solutions – and when used in the right office design, they can truly help to aid the look and performance of your office.

Room dividers and office partitions are no longer immovable nor cumbersome – by introducing a seamless glass door or partition into the mix, you now have a level of transparency and ease of use and transport like never before. Swing doors and suspended systems, too, can help to make your team’s movements from one workspace to another that little bit less arduous – and while you may think there is little wrong with the partitioning and cubicle systems of old, consider how much natural light and space you could create with the right glass systems – from glass doors to privacy walls and even pass-through windows, GXI runs the gamut when it comes to transparent solutions for all businesses.

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