Is Privacy Glass or Switchable Smart Glass Worth It?

Surely, you must have seen all the fuss about privacy and intelligent glass all over the papers and the internet. Be it commercial spaces or residential buildings; these glasses are on the rise everywhere. Why are they popping up everywhere, and what’s their purpose? For starters, these smart or switchable glasses are used for privacy reasons. Other than this, they come with multiple benefits. And, it doesn’t hurt that this technology helps you save electricity too.

Read ahead to find out why this new technology is preferred by countless people across the world.

Switchable privacy glass

These glasses go by various names, including privacy glass, smart glass, switchable privacy glass, etc. They are known as smart glasses because of their ability to change opacity as per the user’s needs. The glass is dynamic – the opacity of the glass can be set at transparent, translucent, or opaque as per your need.

The popularity of this technology is on the rise due to its versatility and ease of use. These smart glasses are a bit pricey, but they help you save a lot of money in the form of energy bills. You can choose between the different types and sizes of glasses available in the market, as per your need.

Types of smart or privacy glass

Generally, there are two main variants in smart glasses – active and passive. When the use of electrical power is involved, it is known as active smart glass. You can operate them with a remote, a switch, or even from your smartphone. PDLC, SPD, and EC glasses are commonly used technologies in this variant.

Passive glass, or self-tinting glass, employs different mechanisms – the tint changes dark when exposed to sunlight or higher temperatures. There are two technologies applied here – thermochromic and photochromic. Thermochromic glasses change their opacity according to temperature, while photochromic ones respond to light.

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Smart glass films

Instead of purchasing privacy or smart glasses, one can also consider smart glass film. This film will help you in transforming your already existing glass panes, windows, acrylic screens into smart glass. Just like in an active switchable glass, the opacity of this glass film is changed with the help of a remote. As the smart glass film can switch from clear to translucent or opaque in an impressive period, it can act as a great ambience booster.

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