Office Design And Employee Health – Why It Matters

While the main focus of office design can revolve around productivity and efficiency – and there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t – design trends have been moving towards focusing on the wellbeing of the individual employee more and more in recent years. In the modern workplace, each and every employee should have their individual worth and role to play – and here at GXI, we know exactly how to make work a more enjoyable, healthy experience for them, while enabling you to seize the results you’re looking for.

You’re going to need to transform your office into somewhere that your team is going to want to come to work. The stuffy, cubicle-filled offices of old are almost prison-like – modern offices in 2018 focus upon wide open spaces, plenty of room to work and plenty of opportunity to get up and walk around. A healthy working lifestyle should be equal in mind as well as in body – meaning you are going to need to inspire your staff’s enthusiasm with an office design that’s appealing and functional.

Natural light is a must – while strobe lighting has its place, it’s high time that your workspace focused on letting the outside in occasionally. Natural light and the sight of the great outdoors – even if you’re in the city – is relaxing and inspiring – consider a skylight, a panorama or a cluster of window to really let your office bask in the rays.

Exercise is important, too – space can help with this, and you can tackle your employees’ need for regular exercise by creating less work for them at any one station. Encourage their free movement – exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins inspire creativity and productivity.

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