Office Fit Out And Refurbishment Costs In London

Your office is the central point where co-workers come together and forge a space of innovation and creativity. A well-structured office space produces positive impacts on the working pattern of the employees. It will help enhance the productivity of employees and thus contribute to the overall growth of your company.

If you are deciding to set up a new office or redesign the existing building, you might need to get a closer look at different office fit-out and refurbishment services. A fully integrated office fit out will help you transform the interiors and working spaces to make it more suitable and welcoming to the staff and visitors. If you want to witness continuous growth and bring out the best level of performance in your company, creating an efficient office space plays a crucial role.

The most practical option you can undertake is to hire experienced professionals from reliable companies to carry out the office fit-out and refurbishment process. GXI Group is one of the renowned companies with 25 years of expertise and experience fitting out and refurbishing offices and commercial spaces. The team of experts provide beautiful, modern and effective design suitable for your office.

The team carries out the process within the stipulated time and budget-friendly rates. You can go through the detailed list of office fit-out costs and office refurbishment costs before hiring the service.

Office fit-out costs

GXI Group’s pillar of strength is its panel of creative interior designers and team of experts who have extensive experience in delivering excellent customer service. They combine design, commercial, and technical knowledge to provide the best experience, all at an affordable cost to fit out office space.

Your office fit-out cost depends on a wide range of factors like the total office space, materials used, facilities created, furniture sourced, and more. Even though the prices may vary with different projects, you can get a general idea about the price range offered by the GXI Group before hiring the service. A detailed check of the office fit-out costs per square foot should be done before starting your project.

A meeting space with table and several chairs and glass doors

The fit-out cost for both CAT A and CAT B is given below:

1) CAT A + CAT B

While CAT A fit-out focuses on the basics of office design including floor work, ceiling works, basic mechanical and electrical services, CAT B fit-out is the next step that completes the designing process. From Shell & Core, the next step is to take the space to CAT A. After CAT A fit-out is done, further designing and furniture will be done in the CAT B process.

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