Office Refurbishment Checklist to Success!

When considering an office refurbishment, or hiring office builders to re-imagine your existing workspace, what should be prioritised and what shouldn’t?  What areas should you consider focusing on to enhance employee morale, productivity and overall appearance for your brand?  As experts in London office refurbishment, our experts here at GXI Group are only too happy to help you narrow down your answers – but there are a few key areas that you should always consider focusing on ahead of any design consultation.

Consider, first of all, your space – how much space do you currently have to work with?  How many employees do you house?  Are there any unnecessary pieces of equipment, any jutting walls that could be pushed back?  How can the overall space of your office be opened up by office builders?  When considering your working space, it is important to consider how much you need as a minimum, and if you are currently restricted by any means – this, naturally, will be more than enough sign for you to consider scrapping a few existing fixtures and fittings.

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