Single Glazed Frameless Glass Office Partitions

The modern office looks fairly different to the stuffy workspaces of old – gone are the days of having to trudge into choked cubicles and cornered-off workspaces that inspire little other than low morale and poor productivity – contemporary office design is all about bringing everything out into the open, and the use of office partitions – particularly in the form of glass partition walls – is becoming increasingly popular in office spaces and contact centres alike.  But why are glass partitions becoming so popular, and how can they benefit your workspace?

Breaking down the walls with glass partitions is a superb way of not only just opening up the floor – so that everyone can see everyone else – but it also creates a fantastic sense of space, offering less claustrophobia and generating higher morale.  There are solid reasons as to why glass partition walls have grown in trend over the past few years, and it is not only as a result of the space they create nor the morale they inspire – office partitions that are transparent suggest a business that is transparent, too – meaning that any client, employee or potential business partner will be likely to walk onto your office floor imagining you as a trustworthy and contemporary business that both cares about its staff and has nothing to hide.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could communicate that so freely?

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