Work After Covid-19: Changes to Prepare for

During the Covid-19 breakout, remote working gained popularity. However, we can now witness things getting back to normal with phased lifting of lockdown. The vaccine drives are well underway. Everyone is looking forward to the future of work after Covid 19. It could be either remote working or in offices, or a balance of both.

Future of work after Covid 19: Work from home

People are getting advised to continue remote working post-Covid, according to the guidelines issued by the UK government. Offices have been asked to operate from home wherever possible. The safety and protection of employees is a big concern. That is why many offices have even opted to work from home for a few more months before things

5 benefits of having a dedicated workplace at home

  • Helps in building a focused work environment
  • Increases the ease and comfort of working
  • Enhances productivity
  • Helps regulate a systematic workplace
  • Aids in staying alert and lively.

Setting office at home: Things your need

There is an increasing need for comfortable chairs and desks for well-ordered work from home systems. GXI Group understands all your requirements and provides bespoke furniture for a home office. A dedicated team of professionals acknowledges the area, size, and surroundings of your workspace at home. And then transform it into a home office that matches your style. Proper planning and restructuring of the workspace keep you attentive while working.

  • Home office furniture
  • Adequate desks and chairs are necessary to maintain a smooth workflow in a home office. GXI Group offers designer desks with ring legs, slab legs, and metal legs. You can also find leather office chairs with comfortable headrests and adjustable arms here. The vast range of furniture with various designs and modern styles can give you a comfortable workspace in your home.
  • Home office lookYou can also opt to shop for a look at your desired office at home. You can easily choose from a variety of stylish structures of a home office. The expert team at GXI Group takes care of your needs and installs the appropriate furniture to build your office at home.
Home Office, London

Future of work after Covid 19: Work from office

The companies that cannot operate in a work-from-home environment will need to start reopening and reimagining the office after Covid 19. Even after the relaxations from the restrictions, there is still a critical need to ensure appropriate safety measures. Required precautions would help in maintaining the well-being of the workforce. Every office will require to follow social distancing and hygienic norms for a regular flow of work.

Setting office after Covid-19: Things you need

There are many smart ways to rearrange the work environment in offices to make it protected from infections. The companies need to plan the office structure to accommodate the required workforce while following all the safety guidelines. Some exclusive furniture for a return to office scenario, along with Covid-19 protection, can help you stay prepared.

  • Protective screens
  • The social distancing screens are optimum to keep the employees safe from any infection. They come in different sizes and materials to match your office surroundings. The transparent screens offer maximum protection and don’t hamper the interaction with one another.
Office Protection Screens

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