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Innovative Ways You Can Show Your Business's Green Credentials with a New Office Fit Out

Innovative Ways You Can Show Your Businesss Green Credentials with a New Office Fit Out

If your brand is committed to eco-friendliness, sustainable business, and waste reduction, there’s nothing with showing that. It highlights to customers and clients that you share their motivations and those green credentials can add some prestige and desirability to the brand. You don’t just have to show it in how you do business, either, but you can show it with your office refurbishment, too.

Consider upcycled furniture

If you’re committed to creating a green office, then buying all new furniture might not be the move most aligned with your intentions. Your old furniture might not work with the new style, but your office refurbishment team can help you upcycle them to better fit the new space or you can shop with upcycled furniture specialists to add a unique flair to the new workspace.

New Office Fit Out - Consider upcycled furniture

Dispose of old furniture responsibly

Instead of simply dumping your old furniture and assets, there are plenty of ways to get rid of them more responsibly. If they’re in good condition, you can sell them to second-hand suppliers, small businesses in the local area, or upcycling stores. Otherwise, consider donating them to local charities, nonprofits or schools, or even leaving an open call on social media for anyone who wants them.

New Office Fit Out - Dispose of old furniture responsibly

Keep your plans open

It takes much less energy to light and heat an open plan space that isn’t closed off into several separate offices. What’s more, it can offer a little flex space that’s not just more aesthetically pleasing but potentially a much more productive work zone.

New Office Fit Out - Keep your plans open

Incorporate energy efficient solutions

When choosing new bulbs, make a priority out of picking LED bulbs that last much longer and use less energy. There are plenty of other green office choices to make, such as water-saving taps, smart thermostats, and so on. Investing in newer technology can be initially expensive, but almost always pays for itself in savings in the long term.

New Office Fit Out - Incorporate energy efficient solutions

Choose eco-friendly furniture

From bamboo partitions to 100% recyclable plastic furniture, there are plenty of choices you can make to lower the carbon footprint of your office refurbishment. Make it clear your fit out provider that eco-friendly furniture is a priority and they’ll come back with all sorts of options to fit your needs.

New Office Fit Out - Choose eco-friendly furniture

Waste not

While it might not be the most exciting part of an office refurbishment, investing in a proper waste management and recycling area can set an excellent precedent in the workplace. The more accessible the responsible waste solutions, the more likely that your team is to use them on more regular basis.

New Office Fit Out - Waste not

Go green literally

There are few things that show your green credentials like actually having some greenery around the office. Office plants are great for your team, improving the air quality and curbing stress, which helps them not only stay healthier but also more productive. Helps that they look gorgeous in office spaces, too.

If your want your brand’s green credentials to be worth anything, then you can embody it with a green office refurbishment. It shows that you can do more than talk to the talk, you can walk the walk.

New Office Fit Out - Go green literally

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