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The Often Overlooked Ways Office Partitions Can Aid Concentration

The Often Overlooked Ways Office Partitions Can Aid Concentration

When it comes to improving your workspaces through interior design, it’s not just about the right look, it’s about the right space. Productivity is a number one concern for most of our clients, with concentration being a core part of that. One of the best tools for concentration that we’ve found is glass office partitions. Here, we’ll look into how they can help you.

Privacy without loneliness

We know that entirely open offices aren’t always great for concentration, as the noises around you can easily distract you from your work. Cubicles, to many, are a step too far, as they can be very isolating. Glass partitions work as an excellent middle ground, as they’re just as effective (and often more effective) than cubicle screens, but you can still see the team around you, and don’t feel quite as alone.

Office Partitions - Privacy without loneliness

The benefit of better lighting

One of the key discoveries over the past two decades of office design was important of natural lighting. People feel more comfortable in natural lighting, they feel more energetic, and they feel more engaged. Furthermore, poorly lit spaces get in the way of concentration simply because they can make it harder to see. Glass partitions maximise the light of the space since the light can pass right through them without any obstruction. They create a brighter, airier space that is excellent for getting productive.

Office Partitions - The benefit of better lighting

They can improve flexibility too

There are a lot of different office partition systems that you can install, but many of them allow for some level of adjustment, angling, and movement. Nowadays, many business owners are discovering that they don’t need one distinct kind of space, they need a flexible space that can close off when privacy is needed and open up when communication and collaboration is needed. The ability to alter their space to their needs can make it much easier for your team to focus, depending on what they’re trying to focus on at the time, from a private call to a group chat.

Office Partitions - They can improve flexibility too

They simply look and feel better

Nothing can break your concentration quite like an environment that you’re not comfortable in or don’t feel at peace with. An important part of interior design for a lot of our clients is creating modern, stylish places that their employees get positive feelings from being in. Office partitions have a sleek, contemporary look, allowing for a great appreciation of the design of the office. They also allow for better lighting and feels of team belonging due to the other benefits already mentioned. With the improvement in morale comes the motivation that drives them to focus and be more engaged in their work.

 Fire partitions open up space while at the same time allowing for enhanced privacy. Meanwhile, their sleek design and flexibility makes them perfect for modern offices where teams need both time alone and time connected. At GXI Group, we have a lot of ideas on how to use glass partitions in your office, so take a look through our Knowledge page for some ideas.

Office Partitions - look and feel better

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