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Why Choose Glass Partitions for Your Office?

Why Choose Glass Partitions for Your Office

Offices and their designs have changed across the years – and not necessarily recently – and gone are the days of operations being stuffy, poorly-ventilated and difficult to manoeuvre – modern offices, on the whole, should emphasise space, comfort and many do. A good business in 2016 cares for its employees as much as its operation and its turnover, and a happy employee is, on the whole, a productive and satisfied employee – meaning that morale should be at the top of the bill. glass partitions are infamous for providing blocks across the country some of their most notorious stereotypes – that they create crowded, stuffy cubicle areas which fail to inspire a healthy work ethic. There is, however, an alternative which is proving to be extremely popular in modern operations.

Glass partitions are more or less commonplace in the offices of big businesses such as Google and Audi, even so in the buildings of outsourcing agencies and call centres – and particularly in buildings and spaces where several people are required to work in close proximity. Solid foundations and clunky office partitions do not inspire good morale, nor do they persuade an employee to work – sitting wedged between two solid walls for a day’s work would, eventually, have an effect on even the most stoic worker. Therefore, a glass partition system could be what your business is looking for if you are struggling to find new ways to refit or redesign your office floor.

Glass partitions are particularly popular with offices and industries that house several departments on one floor, or those which share with other clients – therefore meaning that there is still a requirement for some degree of separation. Certainly, an open plan design or complete removal of walls from the office floor will prove to be counter-effective in this case – meaning that a rethink of office partitions could not only retain the segregation you are looking for but also provide a sense of space and breathing room without breaking down walls.

Office partitions needn’t be cluttering or choking your working space – GXI Group can provide a number of different glass partition solutions as part of a fit-out in a smaller space or as part of a larger-plan office restructure. Our team of designers and architects are well-versed in the benefits of opening an office up even without bringing down walls – and we know no two businesses are the same – meaning that we will be able to bring bespoke space solutions to your operation regardless of needs and requirements.

Glass Partitions for Your Office, London

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