The ‘Return to Work’ Checklist for Small – Medium businesses

Return to Work

If you are a small to medium business owner or manager and are planning for your company’s Return to Work, this checklist of “Things to consider” will help you prepare the return with confidence. OR if you have already Returned to Work but unsure whether you have ticked all the boxes, this checklist will help you provide a secure environment for your employees.

Please note that this checklist is a guide. You will still need to follow Government’s Guidance and carry out Coronavirus risk assessment in line with HSE Guidance.

Broadly, we have divided the checklist of considerations into:





Home worker set-up

How many employees can continue working from home?

Do all remote workers have the right equipment and set-up?

What additional support can we offer them?

How can we make the remote workers feel included and part of a team?

How often should we communicate? Or only need basis?

How will we onboard a recruit? Remotely? In-person but follow Social Distancing guidelines?

In-office employee set-up

How will we limit shared touchscreens and controls?

How will we limit shared touchscreens and controls?

What parameters should be set for shared equipment?

What IT set-up do we need to provide employees in the office?

Do we need to change the existing IT set-up for employees in office?

How do we ensure that employees in office still integrate safely and also with home workers?

Do we need to provide assistance to ensure performance?


Do we have enough parking spaces for employees who wish to drive to work?

Do we have enough bike racks?

Do we have the proper facilities for employees who bike or run to work?

Can we provide help so that the employees don’t need to use public transport for the time being?

Can the employees avoid using public transport?

Which employees travel on public transport? Do they feel comfortable using public transport?

What measures will we take to ensure social distancing and proper sanitation in showers and changing rooms?

Physical & Mental Health

What PPE should we provide? How do we ensure that all the staff in office use proper PPE?

What is our plan for implementing and communicating social distancing amongst employees in office?

How do we mitigate employee anxiety?

Are employees comfortable returning to the office?

What steps can we take to support employee’s mental health and wellbeing?

How often do we monitor staff well-being?

Visitors & Deliveries

What would be our policy for incoming and outgoing deliveries?

Can we allow visitors by appointment only?

What rules will we have for interacting with visitors? Especially receptionists?

Do the receptionists feel safe?

How will we ensure security? How will we screen ID cards?


Working in Shifts

Will we work in shifts? And how will we assign it?

How will we communicate shift working to our staff?

What will shift timings be?

Communicating change in Systems

How will the change in systems be communicated to the staff?

How often should we communicate the change in systems?

What materials will we produce (emails, presentations, leaflet etc.)?

Does the staff need any training for safety measures?


Office layout

How do we rearrange the seating in office to support social distancing?

Should we engage a professional space planning & fit out company to make sure we get the most out of the space, but still maintaining social distance?

What sort of safety measures will we use to protect individual workstations? Screens? PPE? Sanitiser Stations?

How will we implement one-way traffic system in office?

Cleaning & maintenance

How do we prepare the office for employee arrival from hygiene and cleanliness perspective?

Encourage your employees to follow hand washing practice as recommended by NHS

How should we sanitise the office and how frequently should we do it?

How frequently should we clean and disinfect surfaces which are often touched like door handles, lift buttons etc.?

How often do we clean the busy areas in the office?

How do we ensure toilets are clean? And how often should they be cleaned?

Do we have proper hand drying facilities in the toilet?

Office Block, Common areas & Building Manager

Is the building safe for all occupants?

What measures should we take to ensure that the building continues to be safe for all occupants?

How do we maintain open communication with the landlord / building manager and other occupants?

How do we implement a one way traffic system throughout the building?

What is the building policy for common areas and café?

How will we maintain social distancing in elevators?

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