At GXI Group, we can install fire rated glass partitions in your office today. Not only will they offer added safety protection, but they can also give your office a bit of a design boost too! Call 020 3915 8000

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Fire Partitions


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Fire Classifications To EN 357

E30, E60, E90, E120

(30/0, 60/0, 90/0, 120/0)

Integrity only

Does not stop heat transfer through glass or profiles

EW30, EW60

Integrity & radiated heat control

Stops only partial heat transfer through glass/profiles

EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120

(30/30, 60/60, 90/90, 120/120)

Integrity & Insulation

Stops heat transfer through both glass & profiles

Your business needs to be safe. When you have lots of people working in an office, you have to ensure that the correct safety measures are taken. Amongst the many health & safety features your office needs, fire partitions are perhaps the most significant.

With fire partitions, you have a way of protecting your office in the event of a fire. They’re constructed out of fire-resistant materials that prevent the spread of fire. So, if a fire does break out, it can become contained, making it much easier for the emergency services to deal with.

Make no mistake about it, fire partitions save lives – and they can save your office as well. At GXI Group, we can install fire rated glass partitions in your office today. Not only will they offer added safety protection, but they can also give your office a bit of a design boost too!

Taking your office into account

We know that fire partitions are important, but we also know that the layout and design of your office are equally important. There’s no use installing these partitions everywhere, as it would just be pointless. Essentially, we treat them like our standard office partitions. They’re perfect for sectioning off areas of the office to create different workspaces. For example, you can use our fire partitions to create a small office area for the manager to work. The glass feature means they can see everyone else, but there’s added privacy.

So, we take your office into account when installing these special fire partitions for you. Everything is done to ensure you end up with a stunning office interior that now has some essential fire safety features.

Fire-rated glass

All of our fire partitions are constructed out of fire-rated glass. This means they’ve been put through various testing processes to ensure they hold up against hot flames. They provide enough resistance to stop the spread of a fire and give your team a chance to evacuate safely. Hopefully, it never has to come to this. But it’s better to have fire partitions and never need them than to not have them when a fire breaks out.

We offer you dedicated support

When you come to us for fire partition installation, we provide dedicated support throughout the project. Talk to our team to find out the best partitions for your office, and we’ll even talk you through all the technical specifications relating to fire safety. The installation process is carried out by our in-house team, so you don’t have to wait around for any third-party contractors. We’re your only point of contact, and we’ll always keep you in the loop.

You’re in very safe hands as we’ve got lots of experience installing fire partitions throughout London and the surrounding area. We boast a talented team, and there’s always someone available to answer any questions or queries you might have.

If you’re in desperate need of high-quality fire partitions for your office, then get in touch with GXI Group today. Call us on 020 3915 8000, or fill in the form below with your personal details and a message.