Fire Rated Glass Screens for Wall Partitions and Doors

More and more office spaces are opting for a contemporary look that is not only great on the eye, but is also resilient, fire-proof and built to weather the years, too.  The standardised cubicles and partitions of old which may have worked for small office fit-outs in the past are now not only considered clunky or even choking to workers, but may not even be considered safe or fit for purpose.  Contractors and office interior designers agree that the way forward, no matter what the enterprise may be and no matter what the material may be used for, is glass.  Glass partitions are fast becoming commonplace in office workspaces of all shapes and sizes – and it’s not hard to understand why.

Glass is some of the most flexible and reliable material used in fabrication today – while many may assume that it is naturally fragile, toughened, strengthened and specialised glass can be cultivated to provide offices and even homes with protection against fire and other potential hazards.  In the office setting, employee safety is of course paramount – and fire rated glass screens, which are designed and built to standards proven to protect against fires and other debris, are highly recommended for workforces of all sizes.

As part of our small office fit out program we offer strengthened bespoke glass for partitions and doors – glass which can be tempered and cut for specific projects, design standards and can be implemented to keep you and your employees safe from the worst occurring.  Prevention, after all, is better than the cure – and fire rated glass screens are now designed and crafted to ensure that people are both protected and are free to enjoy the transparency and space enhancement that great glass partitions can bring.

Certainly, if you are in the market for a small office fit out, we highly recommend taking on fire rated glass partitions to not only bring your office up to code, but also keep you in line with the aesthetics and designs used by your competition.  It’s not simply a case of making sure your space looks good – it’s about keeping it safe, secure, and pleasant to work in.  Glass partitions are fast becoming the standard, and you can hardly do wrong by ensuring you have sleek, protective walls and doors to help your staff feel safe, comfortable and ready to work.