Whether you’ve just moved into a new office or need to upgrade your existing flooring, we can help you out. At GXI Group, our office flooring service is built around your needs. Call 020 3915 8000 

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Office Flooring


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All companies need to pay attention to their office flooring. It can bring the whole look of your office space together while helping to improve your brand image. A horrible office floor makes your office look bad, which ends up reflecting on your company as well.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new office or need to upgrade your existing flooring, we can help you out. At GXI Group, our office flooring service is built around your needs. We give you flooring options that can add something extra to your interiors, and really make a difference to the overall look and feel.

Vinyl Flooring

We offer vinyl office flooring that’s perfect in a business setting. Here, you have an incredibly durable and very versatile option. The beauty of vinyl is that it can look so entirely different from office to office. If you want, we can lay down some beautiful vinyl office flooring that gives off a hardwood flooring effect – while still retaining the durability and strength of this material.

It’s also available in many other colours, meaning you can pick one that matches the overall design theme of your office. Plus, this flooring option comes in three different varieties of thickness:

● Grade 1: the thickest and toughest available, ideal for high-traffic areas
● Grade 2: slightly less thick, brilliant for medium traffic areas
● Grade 3: less durable than the others, but still very strong; perfect for low traffic

Here at GXI Group, we can help you pick the ideal vinyl flooring for your office – and install it for you. With our experience, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the finished product!

Carpet Tiles

Another office flooring option is carpet tiling. As the name suggests, this is a mixture of carpeted flooring in a tiled design. You have numerous squares of carpet that can be arranged and laid down, much like any other tiled flooring option. The benefit of carpet tiles as an office flooring option is that they add a sense of comfort to the room. They’re soft underfoot, making the office space feel welcoming and inviting. Plus, as they’re carpet, you get the benefit of your flooring retaining heat and making the place feel cosy.

We offer carpet tiles in so many different colours, and you can arrange them in patterns that suit your desires. It’s an excuse to get creative, which can really make your office stand out. Again, we’ll help you pick the perfect options for your office, and our team takes care of the installation as well.

A Tailored Approach With Dedicated Support

We offer you a full service with regards to office flooring. You get support throughout the process, and we tailor our approach to your individual needs. Don’t be afraid to tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll deliver it. The entire service is provided by an in-house team that’s packed full of experience. We’ve worked with many clients across London, so you can feel confident that you’re in the most capable hands!

If you want to upgrade your business with excellent office flooring, then give the GXI Group team a call on 020 3915 8000 today. Alternatively, drop us a message by filling in the form below.