How Much Does a Space Fit Out Cost?

One of the many questions we are asked here at GXI Group is ‘how much will our project cost?’ – it is a fair query.  After all, you are likely to want to know exactly how much you should put aside in your budget before you get started in any project consultations.  The short answer is always that costs can vary – but that you can be assured of competitive pricing that will be based entirely upon your specific needs, and with no hidden surprises or top-up fees.

Office workspace trends are changing from year to year, and with this we have needed to ensure that we can still provide affordable and effective solutions for office fit out London firms can rely upon – we base our pricing entirely upon your specific spatial requirements, your furniture needs and any extras you wish to introduce as part of a bespoke project.  We will generally request a variety of information from you to be able to create a unique quote from your circumstances – we will require dimensions, furniture requirements and anything you wish to introduce in terms of style and flourish.  We have a team who calculates our quotes to ensure that we are always fairly priced and so that we can provide an exceptional solution to fit all budgets.

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