What’s the Best Layout for Office Design?

No two offices are the same – and while some may certainly look that way, you only need to look at the wide range of employees and work being completed to understand that a ‘one size fits all’ policy is never going to stick when it comes to effective office refurbishment.  As one of the premier office refurbishment companies London has to offer, GXI Group are only too happy to assess a business and its employees’ needs ahead of committing to any one design.

In our experience in office interiors London and beyond, the most effective office layouts are ones which allow their employees to breathe – wide, open spaces, transparent or moveable partitioning, bright, varied colour and an emphasis on floor space.  Nobody likes to feel trapped, especially not when they’re working – and anyone that doesn’t recognise employee morale as a huge impactor upon productivity needs to understand the importance of rethinking office space.  While no two businesses and workforces are the same, it’s important to remember that we all work in similar ways – a happy, liberated employee is one who is more likely to respect their work, complete their tasks on schedule and adhere to standard or even excel – meaning that in our minds, at least, there really is little room to stick to the clutter of office style from years gone by.

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