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5 Tips to Maintain a Clutter-Free Office Space

5 Tips to Maintain a Clutter-Free Office Space

Whether the whole world is on a Marie Kondo kick or we’re finally waking up to just how busy and stressful it can be to work surrounded by stuff, clutter has become a key enemy of office interior design. Here, we’re going to look at elements of space planning, storage considerations, and better organisation that can help you maintain a clutter-free office space.

Reconsider your desk layout

First of all, it doesn’t matter how clean the desks in the office are if they’re each separated into small, claustrophobic cubicles. That’s going to look cluttered no matter what. If you don’t have a huge team, pods can be a lot more open, while zigzags are slightly more expensive but allow more space and connectivity between desks. The more room one those desks for the essentials, the less cluttered they all look.

Maintain a Clutter-Free Office Space, London

Replace the clunkers

In fact, you should consider looking at the furniture you use, and which could be replaced. The right office furniture can minimize the amount of space you use for the essentials, they have sleeker, cleaner outlines, and they might even have some additional storage space, which is what we’re going to cover next. If you have overly bulky, ostentatious office furniture, you should consider making the switch to something a little slimmer.

Maintain a Clutter-Free Office Space, London

Use sectioned storage spaces

The best way to ensure that desks across the office aren’t loaded with unnecessary items is to ensure that both trash bins and storage are nearby. However, rather than simple single drawers, in which things can easily get lost in a pile, organised, section storage spaces are much better. Divided trays, multiple drawers, and stationary holders are all good examples of section storage spaces that are actually convenient and likely to get used for their intended purpose.

Maintain a Clutter-Free Office Space, London

Make the move to digital

While not strictly an office interior design tip, making digital storage a priority can influence how you design your office. First of all, you’re a lot less likely to have stray sheets floating throughout the office. But you’re also going to save all of the space that bulky paper storage would take up. This could give you more space to offer each workstation, allow you to create a true break area, or design a new work zone.

Maintain a Clutter-Free Office Space, London

Create better lit, more open spaces

Often, to make better use of the space they have, the team just needs a little motivation or accountability over their own space. With separate, private cubicles, the team might feel more at ease letting their standards slip. However, if they’re better lit, using things like glass partitions that open their space up to scrutiny, they’re also more likely to put in a little more effort to keep them uncluttered.

 With the tips above, not only should you have a tidier, clutter-free space, but one that’s more modern, engaging, and better for the team’s motivation overall. We have a lot more ideas on space planning and office interior design on our Knowledge page so keep reading and you’ll keep discovering what we’ve learned.

Maintain a Clutter-Free Office Space, London

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