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Design Tips For Offices Without Windows

Design Tips For Offices Without Windows

It is essential to pay attention to the health and comfort of your workforce. Proper natural lighting, fresh air, and some other natural elements prove extremely helpful in enhancing the workforce's productivity in an office. Unfortunately, there are some workplaces where there is a lack of windows in their offices that makes it hard to have a balanced source of natural elements. Therefore, there is a critical need for intelligent design tips to create a conducive work environment for employees.

Adverse effects of windowless offices 

  • Natural lighting and fresh air
    In an office without windows, the sunlight and natural air get blocked. These can affect the mood, energy, and even sleep levels of the workers continuously working long hours. Innovative work environments are necessary to reduce the discomfort experienced by the workers.
  • Link to the outer world
    Due to no access to windows in an office, employees can feel disconnected from the outer environment. They often tend to take breaks during their work and look outside from their buildings, which boosts their happiness level and aid to maintain a steady flow of work.
  • Eyestrain
    Workers can face issues like eye strain due to increased screen timing in closed offices with no exposure to natural factors. These may result in increased stress and lack of focus that affects the work balance. The comfort and health of the workforce are of prime importance. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the creative and amusing design of the office.

How can professional designing help? 

GXI Group consults with you and provides the best quality design tips that help overcome the struggles of working in a windowless office. Our team is just one call away for all your requirements, be it banks, cafes, hotels, spas, or law firms. 

  • Wall paints and artworks
    To brighten the workplace in the absence of natural lighting, the choice of paint used on walls could play an essential role. Light and warm colours like white, grey, pink, and blue help to lighten the mood and make the room look more spacious and welcoming. Creative artwork or paintings on walls also play a valuable role in creating an attractive workspace to help employees feel comfortable.
  • Appropriate lighting
    To cope with the darkness in a windowless office, evenly spread bright artificial lights can create an illusion of natural lighting. While fluorescent lights could make the room look darker, lamps, bulbs, and overhead light fixtures help to avoid strain on eyes and enhance focus on the work.
  • Mirrors and partitions

    Mirrors, placed in appropriate angles, add a sense of depth to the office and enhance the brightness in the rooms of a workplace. Glass partitions and doors can also be useful to mimic the windows that make the rooms look bigger, brighter with the help of shared lights.

  • Office plants

    To balance out the lack of natural elements in the workplace, office plants that require low light can be valuable. They help in maintaining freshness and newness in the office. Plants like snake plants, money plants, and palms boost the happiness levels of employees. They also bring fresh air as well as positivity to the work environment.

How Professional Design Help 

Why choose GXI Group? 

  • Innovation
    GXI Group provides top-quality services using modern and unique ideas so that you can focus on the efficient growth of both the workers and the workplace. Our innovative technique to design your office gives it a stylish look and even structure. We help in making the workplace look more spacious and vibrant, even in a windowless office design.
  • Professional experience
    Our trained team of professionals has been designing classic workplaces all over the UK for more than 20 years. The workforce of GXI Group consists of experts such as interior designers, space planners, electricians, plumbers, IT partners, and project managers, who have experience working on a total of 274 projects, covering 2 million square feet.
  • Easy to reach
    The specialized team of GXI Group is very easily approachable all across the UK. We maintain transparency while paying crucial attention to the personal needs and care of our clients. We are a responsible team of designers who take care of your comfort throughout the process of selection, delivery, and installation.

Office Wallpaint and Lighting 

Is an office with no windows legal? 

There is no known rule that an office needs to have windows. However, light and air is important for healthy well being of the staff. But, they must have proper light and air facilities for the healthy well being of the workers. Due to the absence of natural elements and windows, employees often complain of drowsiness and increased stress. Some people even avoid working in a workspace with no natural lighting as they seem less welcoming.

GXI Group offers smart planning and designing offices that balances out the lack of natural elements due to no windows. We focus on transforming workplaces comfortably by providing quality infrastructure and excellent furniture by leading brands. We offer hassle-free services after performing detailed research on your requirements. Contact us at [email protected] for a stress-free designing experience.

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