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Office Ceiling

GXI have vast experience in designing, supplying and installing the right kind of ceiling for you. Whatever your ceiling requirements, we have the right people to make it happen.

When suggesting a ceiling type, we look at several factors like saving energy, improving acoustics, and cost and maintenance. We offer a wide variety of ceiling types including:

Suspended Grid Ceiling   |   Plasterbaord Ceiling   |   Acoustic Ceiling

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Office space with suspended grid ceiling 3

Suspended Grid Ceiling

Suspended grid ceiling is the most popular ceiling that is installed in the offices.

It is also referred to as false ceiling or drop ceiling. It is normally installed to conceal the necessary wires, heating, and ventilation systems within the void. It also allows for installation of light fittings, CCTV and smoke detectors.

As the ceiling tiles are slotted into the grid they can be lifted or have fixtures attached, meaning easy access should you need to remove, repair or replace anything within.

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Plasterbaord Ceiling

Plaster ceilings are a great way to add style and sophistication to a room. They can be used to hide wires and tubes for lighting and air conditioning, or to create intricate designs that are purely decorative. Plaster ceilings are made from plasterboard hung on a metal or wood frame, and they can instantly make an office look more polished and elegant.

After the plaster ceilings are installed, they are painted. Usually, white is used, but you can use other bright colors to make the room look bigger. Plaster ceilings are similar to walls, so you can finish them with wallpaper or fabric to give the room a more luxurious feel.

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Office space with plasterbaord ceiling 3
Office space with acoustic ceilings

Acoustic Ceiling

Acoustic ceiling tiles are designed to reduce noise and improve the acoustics in a room. They are commonly used in commercial environment specially offices, schools, hospitals, recording studios, and home theatres.

Acoustic ceiling tiles are typically made from mineral fibre, fibreglass, or a combination of both and are also available in Fire resistance tiles where fire retardant ceiling is required.

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