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How to Use Office Design to Create a Collaborative Culture?

How to Use Office Design to Create a Collaborative Culture

Collaboration within the workplace is essential if a business wants to thrive. A business should aim to promote a work environment that will allow for a good flow of communication, high levels of productivity and a good relationship within the employees. So how can your business create a collaborative working culture? Here are four key ways:

  1.  By creating an open plan workspace

No one likes to feel claustrophobic within the workplace. If you create an open plan layout, you can create an environment which allows employees to communicate easier and work together to create innovative ideas. Breaking down the wall between the employees, it results in a more relaxed working situation. One thing to consider about this method of achieving collaborative work is that it might cause the workspace to be loud and that formal meetings can’t be carried out privately. To prevent the latter from occurring, a mixture of an open plan workspace with a few meeting rooms is the perfect solution. 

With the open plan office design, a business should also ensure that there is natural lighting. Artificial lighting discourages productivity and will cause employees to lose motivation. You should make sure that there are plenty of large windows so that the employees stay alert and happier within the workplace. 

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  2.  By creating social spaces

In order to show your employees that you appreciate them, you should create social spaces that your employees can enjoy downtime in. Allowing employees to collaborate with each other away from their desks, it can help to increase the level of productivity, give them the motivation to complete a project and allow for innovative ideas to flow. It will also help and encourage employees from a variety of departments to communicate with each other, which they wouldn’t normally do in their everyday jobs.

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  3.  By creating a relaxed and comfortable dining area

When it’s time for employees to take a break from work for lunch, it’s important to have an area that they are comfortable in and that they can relax in. Social interaction between the employees promotes greater collaboration in everyday work life. Without a communal and aesthetically appealing kitchen/eating area, employees will feel reluctant to enjoy some downtime at lunch together.

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  4.  By creating a flexible layout

Following on from the first point, in order to create a collaborative work culture, it’s important to have an office layout that provides an array of spaces that employees can use. For example, an array of private booths, meeting rooms, shared desks and a brainstorming area. This will allow employees to feel as though they have the freedom to choose where to have meetings and work, once again increasing productivity levels. 

Once you make one or all of these changes to your workplace, the results will speak for themselves. Strengthening the communication between the employees and allowing for projects to be completed efficiently and effectively, the overall impact will provide a positive result in terms of productivity and the quality of work. 

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