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4 Ways To Brand Your New Office Interior

4 Ways To Brand Your New Office Interior

At the GXI Group, we aim with all of our fit-outs and renovations to not only to contribute to the engagement and productivity that a modern workspace inspires. We also aim to bring the brand, the culture, and the feel of the business into interior design.

Incorporating your branding gives the physical a deeper connection with the abstract. It evokes teamwork and belonging to members of staff and all the prestige and reputation of the brand for visitors, clients, and partners. Here, we’re going to look at four ways to brand your new office interior.

Through Print And Signage

Too many modern offices incorporate the logo and brand imagery that represents their company only in their entrance. However, bringing the brand into interior design through decals can create a unifying and iconic image that shines throughout. On walls, on glass partitions, on doors, you can bring the logo, slogan, and other branding images directly into the office.

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Get Colour Coordinated

Of course, your brand imagery goes a lot further than just the logo. If, like most modern brands, your web design, printed materials, advertisements, and other brand manifestations all follow a distinct colour scheme, you should think about bringing it into the office as well. If you haven’t created a unified colour scheme for the brand, now might be the time to consider it. Colour is emotive and evocative and can change the mood and atmosphere of the office.

Rich browns and golds bring a feeling of class and prestige, light blues and greens are calming and natural, brighter, bolder colours like orange show passion, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Put The Personality Of Display

If you were to imagine that your brand was a person, what kind of personality would they have? Would they be upright, respectable, and sophisticated? Would they be fun, jovial, and light-hearted? Would they be energetic and creative? Personal effects can be used to a great benefit of the office. This includes things like wall art, greenery, fish tanks, ornaments, and more. You can better shape features like lighting fixtures and even the furniture to better represent the personality of the brand, as well. In time, those personality traits can rub off on the team, helping them fit better to the culture you want to create, as well.

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Layout Makes a Statement

When helping clients choose the perfect layout, we are mainly focusing on the practicalities of using the space, but it can also communicate your company culture. For instance, modular, adjustable workstations create the vibe of a brand that is modern, flexible, and energetic. Glass partitions instead of walls create a culture of openness and accountability. Open spaces show interconnectivity and a focus on communication and teamwork. Interior design is about more than the look, it’s also about the feeling of the layout itself.

If you want to benefit from not only the practical expertise of the GXI Group but also the insight on interior design that has delighted our clients, keep browsing through our Knowledge section for more inspiration and ideas.

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