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5 Uses For a Warehouse Mezzanine Area

5 Uses For a Warehouse Mezzanine Area

Adding a mezzanine area to your warehouse is a cost-effective way to maximise the footprint of your current premises. Actively encouraged by the UK government, a warehouse mezzanine area can increase sustainability and negate the need for physical expansion. With the opportunity to increase operational efficiency in a variety of ways, you can use a warehouse mezzanine area for numerous different uses.

New Office Space

Warehouse refurbishment isn’t solely about increasing storage areas and production lines. Ensuring you have enough space to carry out other business functions is vital, and a warehouse mezzanine can provide the extra space you need without compromising on floor space. Whether you need a professional location to meet with clients or customers, or a space for employees to hold meetings, be sure to include appropriate office facilities in your commercial refurbishment.

Warehouse Space Design

High-Security Storage

Depending on the nature of your operations, you may need space to store high-quality goods or items. Keeping this stock or equipment in a more secure location than the warehouse floor can help to ensure that it’s not tampered with, thus saving you money in the long-term.

Warehouse Storages

Assembly Lines

With the opportunity to install vast mezzanine areas, your commercial refurbishment can include a mezzanine area designed for assembly or production lines. Whether you want to designate this space for these operations or create extra space to expand your production lines, a mezzanine area can be a budget-friendly and swift way to access the additional workspace you require. 

Warehouse Assembly Lines

Picking and Packing

If your operations require dedicated picking and packing staff or automation, you can include this as part of your warehouse refurbishment. With the option to add functional areas, such as gravity chutes and goods lifts, it’s easy to ensure you mezzanine area can meet the needs of any operational requirements.

Warehouse Picking and Packing

Machine Operations

With the extra space offered by a mezzanine level, you can expand machine operations to a second floor. If your current machine operations require more space, you can make use of an internal structure in which to house these crucial business functions, without the need to spend significant sums expanding the warehouse or moving to new premises. 

Warehouse Machine Operations

Installing a Warehouse Mezzanine Area

With bespoke and custom-made solutions available, your warehouse mezzanine area can be built to your exact specifications. Perhaps you want to create a multi-level mezzanine to get the best use out of the space available? Alternatively, you may want to add racking systems, gravity chutes and goods lifts to ensure your mezzanine area can facilitate key business processes and operations? 

As a warehouse mezzanine area can fulfil many purposes, you may even want to create an adaptable space, which can be used for different operations as your business needs change. If so, flexibility is important and should be a primary consideration in the design and development of your mezzanine area. 

With the right planning, your warehouse refurbishment can be a cost-effective and efficient way to add square footage to your premises and will ensure you have the space you need to operate successfully.

Warehouse Mezzanine Area

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