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Specialising in Fast-track End-to-end Office Fit Out and Refurbishments for Small & Medium Size Businesses

GXI Group – Your Professional Fit-out Contractor

GXI Group – Your Professional Fit-out Contractor

It can be difficult to find a contractor that will take on all the facets of a fit-out project for your office – and it may be even harder for you to find one that both has a solid portfolio and a lack of hidden charges and fees.  At GXI Group, we not only believe in making sure that our clients receive professional consultation on London office fit out projects, but that they also receive transparency throughout the design and manufacturing process.  It is our intention to keep you and your firm at the heart of each step of a project – from the initial design consultations through to the day of installation.

We will gladly discuss office fit out ideas with you that both embellish your existing atmosphere and provide you and your employees with practical, efficient solutions for the work you undertake on a daily basis.  Our main focus is not simply to make sure that we provide you with affordable and practical solutions – but that they are fine-tuned to your specific needs, wants and projections.  We aim to get to know you and your firm well during project management so that we can produce visually stunning and effortlessly functional office interiors and features that will revolutionise the way in which you and your company works.

We are always keeping ourselves in tune with current trends, and, as a long-standing firm specialising in the London office fit-out, you can always be assured of a contemporary approach to interior design.  Keeping your office space in line with current design trends is extremely important – office aesthetics impact in a big way upon clients, visitors and even other firms.  If your aim is to be a trendsetter as opposed to a mere follower, we can provide you with the professional oversight and knowledge of office fit out ideas that both look great and work wonders.

GXI Group are proud to offer friendly, professional London office fit out consultation and installations to firms of all shapes and sizes throughout the region.  We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you from your initial budget and interior design desires through to completion – we’ll never endeavour to make any changes or choices on your behalf without prior consultation.

If you’re interested in taking on a few new office fit out ideas but are unsure where to start, call us or email our team today for more details – and we will be happy to set you up with a quote.

Professional Fit-out Contractor - London

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