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IT and Telephone Systems Included in Your Office Refurbishment

Every business needs to have the right systems in place to ensure that the business runs smoothly and IT and telephone systems are important elements of the office that need great attention.

Office Refurbishment Services That Upgrade Your Office Technology

Technology is growing in leaps and bounds and it has a significant impact on businesses. Advanced technology such as video conferencing, social networks, etc., remove work place boundaries and allow for greater business expansion.

The use of technology has proven to increase profits, cut costs and improve the speed of workflow. With the internet becoming more and more central to almost every aspect of modern commerce, businesses are relying on IT systems to ensure quality service for their customers.

Despite the usefulness and prevalence of the internet, telephones still seem to be a staple communication system for businesses too. Communication is the key to success for any business and IT and telephone systems can effectively satisfy business communication needs.

Technology when implemented appropriately can maximise efficiency and productivity. That is why GXI Group takes care of office technology as part of our office refurbishment London services. We have in depth knowledge and great experience in this field and we have offered office refurbishment services to a wide range of businesses.

As part of our office refurbishment services, with regards to office technology, we offer:

Full power installations
Emergency lighting
Structured cabling installations
Physical cable management
Computer room environments
Telephone system supply
General installation and training
Intelligent building solutions
Access control systems
Security and closed circuit TV
Fire detection systems
Test and inspection certificates
Office air conditioning system installation – including server room climate control.

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