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New Ways You Can Bring the Minimalist Trend to Your Office Space

New Ways You Can Bring the Minimalist Trend to Your Office Space

Minimalism is back, inspiring countless individuals to spark joy with their surroundings and to cut the clutter. This is perfect for those brands that want to create a no-nonsense, efficient atmosphere that encourages productivity and projects a contemporary style. But how do you incorporate minimalism into your office design?

Avoid the clutter

A crucial first step to adopting a minimalist style is identifying all the additional ornaments and aesthetic pieces you don’t need and tossing them. This doesn’t mean that if you have some features that you love, you have to get rid of them. If you love it, keep it. If you don’t, don’t fall into the common misconception that you always have to fill extra space with meaningless stuff.

Office Space Design - Avoid the clutter

Functional furniture

One of the key defining points of a minimalist style is deciding against over designed furniture that takes up more space than it needs to. Take as much space as you need for desks, chairs, and so on, but avoid those with too many bits that just out from the main body, or unnecessary bulk.

Office Space Design - Functional furniture

Clean surfaces

Contemporary spaces go hand in hand with clean surfaces and textures. You don’t have to avoid soft furnishings entirely, but wood, laminate, marble, and other smooth natural surfaces create a sense of neatness and space important to the minimalist aesthetic.

Office Space Design - Clean surfaces

Colour carefully

Natural colours and pastels are your go-to when creating a minimalist office. You want it to make good use of the light and to create a relaxed, calming vibe. Feel free to mix and match accents to help the wall shades pop a little more, but you don’t want to go overboard with bright, distracting colours.

Office Space Design - Colour carefully

Open up your space

The minimalist style is all about taking in the comfort and freedom of a more spacious, open design and getting away from more materialist styles. So, whatever you can do to invite more light and space in is a bonus. Using mirrors in the office to maximise that sense of spaciousness is a good idea, for one.

Office Space Design - Open up your space

Store smartly

Just as you want to make smart use of the space your furniture takes up, the same goes for your storage. Storage options with clean lines, simplicity in design, and functional segmentation is a must. Rather than a stuff set of drawers, a modular shelving unit with open square storage spaces, for instance, can be much neater and yet more convenient.

Office Space Design - Store smartly

Don’t go too cold

The minimalist style gets a bad rap for being cold and unfeeling, mostly by those who don’t understand it. There are ways to incorporate some warm and humanity without having to overegg the pudding. Incorporating clean, uncomplicated wooden furniture and office plants can keep the comfort of the natural in your office space.

Minimalism, despite what the name implies, isn’t just about what you shouldn’t put in your office, but the choices on what you should include. Class and cleanliness over complication, always keep that in mind and you should be on the right track.

Office Space Design - Don’t go too cold

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