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What Type of Partition Is Best for You?

What Type of Partition Is Best for You

The way in which our offices and workspaces are designed and built has been evolving for some time – while it can be convenient to have certain areas of your office partitioned away, there have been movements in interior design to help retain a sense of space and to reduce claustrophobia.  The modern office is one which encourages transparency and enables all people to see each other – and with solid partitions, you may be missing out.  Here at GXI, we specialise in glass partitions and office interiors London firms can depend upon.  Here are just a few ideas that may work for your office.

When it comes to partitions, we must recommend glass – it offers transparency, it looks great, and it’s easy to maintain.  It’s also incredibly tough and strong – meaning that they’ll take anything that’s thrown at it.  In this sense, you may need to consider which type or strength of glass partitions you are going to need for your new office design.  Do you opt for single or double glazed?  What about framed or frameless?  No matter your needs, we will help to find the best fit for you.

Our single glazed frameless glass office partitions are durable and look fantastic as part of any contemporary fit-out or redesign.  What’s more, they provide a great barrier for sound and heat, meaning that you can reduce overall noise while retaining warmth and transparency.  While the idea of a good contemporary office is one which enables all departments to come together as one, there are going to be times where you need to cordon off – and single glazing is arguably a great choice.

If you require more privacy or want to lock in more heat, try our double glazed frameless glass office partitions – as the name suggests, these are double the thickness of standard glazing and will therefore offer double the comfort and noise control.  Worry not – you’ll still be able to keep things transparent and looking crisp and clean.  No matter which option you choose, this much is clear – solid, stuffy partitions are a thing of the past, and if you are looking to keep the workplace fluid and open, glass is the way forward.

Office interiors London and beyond are undergoing big changes in an era where everything – from information to workloads – is being shared in the workplace.  If you need to cordon things off but would like to retain contemporary transparency and a unique, stunning new look for your office, GXI can help.  Call us today for advice, support or sales – or get in touch with us via email and a member of our team will be back in contact with you to discuss the best options for your office design project.

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