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3 Office Interior Myths You Should Never Believe

3 Office Interior Myths You Should Never Believe

When it comes to office interiors, there are a few myths out there in the ether. To bust these inaccuracies and promote incredible design features and concepts, here are 3 myths you should never believe.

1. Office interiors are always dull

While the initial image you conjure up when the word ‘office’ is mentioned may be a little more drab than dazzling, this is not to say those office interiors cannot be inspiring, aesthetically-pleasing, and interesting. There are myriad ways even the most understated space can be brightened up and brought to life. From glass partitions and funky furniture to splashes of colour and cool wall art, there’s a lot to be said for shunning the mundane and injecting a little imagination and creativity.

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2. Open plan offices are ideal for every business

We live in an age where open plan living and working are actively encouraged. There are advantages of open-plan offices, but they don’t suit every company or individual. While it’s often assumed that open offices promote cohesion and collaboration, there are many people who prefer to work in smaller, quieter, enclosed spaces. This is where office partitions and separate meeting rooms come in useful. If you have glass walls, for example, this will create an attractive, bright aesthetic and an inclusive vibe, while also giving people privacy to work alone.

Open plan offices

3. Office interiors play no part in productivity

Some people may think that environment has no part to play in productivity, but research would suggest otherwise. Studies show that exposure to natural light and plants, for example, can reduce stress and increase productivity. Take a moment to think about where you’d most like to work. Would you choose a dull office with no windows, no colour, and no greenery, or would you rather have a desk by the window in an office that is fresh, clean, and light?

If you’re revamping your office space, or you’re searching for inspiration for your workplace, don’t be swayed by common office interior myths.

Office interiors play no part in productivity

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