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4 Great Alternative Office Partition Ideas

4 Great Alternative Office Partition Ideas

Partitioning an office is often the best way to introduce privacy for each of your employees and also help them become more productive. With some kind of barrier between them and their colleagues, it allows them to not only work in privacy and focus on their tasks, but it also helps them stay on track with their job instead of being distracted. However, it can be a little daunting for your employees to have huge walls surrounding them.

In this article, we’re going to give you four great alternative office partition ideas that won’t make your employees feel like they’re in prison.

Office Partition

Use plants to create a natural border

Walls often make your employees feel caged in. By using more natural borders such as small hedges and rows of potted plants, it creates a more tranquil feel that doubles as a border.

Office Plants

Use frosted glass instead of transparent or opaque walls

Frosted glass will allow light through but won’t be clear enough for your employees to be distracted by their neighboring colleagues. Frosted glass can also have lots of unique patterns and effects to make them more inviting.

Frosted glass Partitions, London

If you need to partition with solid walls, use natural light

Don’t surround your employees with solid walls. If possible, make sure they have at least one source of natural light to brighten up their surroundings.

Partition with solid walls, London

Allow your employees to customise their partition

If you need to use traditional partitions, then at least give your employees the chance to customise their surroundings to make them feel more comfortable.

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