4 Tips to Choose the Best Color Theme for Your Office Fitout
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4 Tips to Choose the Best Color Theme for Your Office Fitout

4 Tips to Choose the Best Color Theme for Your Office Fitout

There are so many different aspects of interior design to focus on when it comes to fitting out an office space. When we are designing spaces for our own personal lives, we can largely focus on aesthetics, as decisions regarding functionality come naturally to us - we know what will and won’t work in our living spaces. However, when you are curating office interiors, you have to take health and safety regulations into account alongside the individual needs of a whole host of people who you may not know all too well - if at all. So, something as simple as choosing a color scheme may prove somewhat more difficult than you originally anticipated. But not to worry. To help you along the way, here are four tips that should help you to choose the best color theme possible.

Consider your branded color scheme - if your brand has already got color themes, you might want to consider working this into your interior design. Chances are that you’ve already collaborated with market researchers and graphic designers to settle on this color scheme for your logo or brand, so why not stick with something that you know works? This will also help to create a sense of brand consistency in your office space.

Opt for neutrals – generally speaking, neutrals are great for an office fitout. Bright and colors can have different connotations and staying neutral can remove the risk of workers, partners, or visitors subconsciously developing negative associations with your office space.

Shades of green – if your company is progressive, green is often associated with balance and growth. You don’t necessarily have to paint the walls green, but you could add a dash of this colour through potted plants.

Red for creative spaces – red is representative of passion and can raise energy flow. Consider incorporating this colour into spaces where staff are required to come up with new ideas!

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