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5 Office Design Trends 2021 That Make Workplace Efficient

5 Office Design Trends 2021 That Make Workplace Efficient

With the global pandemic, offices have shifted to everyone's homes. For almost a year, everyone from executives to managers, everyone has been working from the comfort of their homes. With offices slowly opening up, things have begun to go back to normal. Well, everyone would be a bit hesitant returning back to the offices, and employers would be mapping out the ways they can make the workplace safe again. This is where renovating office space comes to the fore, as companies can make working from offices safe and easy, again.

Here are five office design trends 2021 that many organisations are using:

1. Ease of doing business

In recent times what has been observed by many architectural and design companies is that employees demand a workplace which makes everything accessible and easy for them. They want their workplace to be a tool that works for them and not only be an immovable asset.

Many companies still have cabins and cubicles. However, with this layout, the ease with which the work could be done gets hampered because ideas cannot be formulated in isolation. So, instead of individual desks for employees, the recent trend is to have task-focused work zones and modular furniture which resonates with the atmosphere of the workplace.

Following this office design trends 2021, employees will always be engaged in the task they have been allotted, as they have specific areas which they can utilise to get things done easily and have small work meetings.

Office Design Trends - Ease of doing business

2. Sustainability and design

What is becoming even more accepted is a workplace that is sustainable in its very nature. In this design, office furniture is made out of recycled items and does not cause any harm to nature. Yet another practice to maintain sustainable offices is to have water-saving bathroom fixtures and using eco-friendly cleaning products. The latter acts as a relief for employees prone to allergies. Energy-efficient lighting and eco-friendly garbage disposal utilities are other features of this office design trend. 

Office Design Trends - Sustainability and design

3. Office that feels like home

In the time of COVID-19, small home office trends have been utilised by many who were forced to suddenly work from their homes. Therefore, during the gradual transition to working from an office, companies are looking at ways they can make workspaces feel like home. This concept is called Resimercial, where residential and commercial features are combined. Some features of this design trend include comfortable seating, classic house plants, natural fibres, and natural or ambient lighting. 

Office Design Trends - Office that feels like home

4. Technologically savvy workplace

With the advent of 2021, everyone knows that this world is more technologically sound as well as dependent because we have braved an extraordinary situation which demanded us take our lives and work to the virtual world. Now we know that lagging behind in this department would bear out no results even if the design is sustainable or more flexible to work with. Therefore, offices have been upgraded with the latest tech and provisions to make work efficient and easy. One of the notable additions to most workspaces is the videoconferencing provisions. 

During the pandemic, video calls and official meetings became a norm, which continues into this year, as well. Therefore, having fixtures like smart interactive whiteboards, multiple large screens for meetings, reconfiguration of acoustics, and cameras that hone in on speakers can help make things efficient. IoT technology and voice assistants are also part of the office design trends 2021. 

Office Design Trends - Technologically savvy workplace

5. Division with design

In the aftermath of COVID-19 outbreak, companies chose to fix glass screens to keep their employees safe. These were done out of necessity and not following the design principles. Interior designers, however, are now coming up with office designs that enable social distancing aesthetically. These solutions are also durable over time. The challenge, however, with such commercial office design trends is to maintain work efficiency even with the division. 

Some layouts that office refurbishment companies like GXI implements include living walls that use indoor plants and planters to divide the room. This offers division in the office without alienating employees. Write-on walls are another idea that promotes collaboration while maintaining a safe distance. These allow employees to stay protected from a spread but also work with their co-workers while sharing remarks and thoughts. Yet another great design is using fabric dividers. These not only add a touch of colour but also make the space seem homely. 

In today's world, office design trends play a key role in employee retention and attracting new customers. As people start coming back to their offices after working from their homes, a key part of the office design should be comfort and connectivity. Trends like homely design features, sustainable fixtures, collaboration-friendly space dividers, and tech upgrades are changes in offices that employees will embrace. Office refurbishment companies like GXI can help employers make workspace safe and efficient once again. 

Office Design Trends - Division with design

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