5 Ways You Can Add Seating to Your Hallway
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5 Ways You Can Add Seating to Your Hallway

5 Ways You Can Add Seating to Your Hallway

If you’re looking for practical seating options to add to your office hallway then you might be severely limited for choices. So in this article, we’re going to explain a couple of simple ways to add hallway seating that won’t be expensive or out of place.

Add single high-quality chairs with a shared table

If you’re expecting a lot of people to pass through your office hallways then giving them a high-quality chair with a table for their laptop and other uses is a great way to show hospitality.

Use modern furniture design for a more modern approach

Don’t just get yourself a bench and call it a day. Consider colourful and modern furniture design to help your office stand out.

Place seating near sources of natural light

If your office hallway is rather dull then placing seating near sources of natural light such as windows and make it seem a little more interesting.

Plan your hallway seating for practical use

Don’t just place chairs randomly. Make sure your hallway seating has practical uses such as acting as a waiting area for an office appointment or placing them outside areas where you may expect there to be a lot of foot traffic.

Keep a consistent theme with your office

If possible, keep the theme consistent by utilising the same office chairs or designs that you’re using in your office so that your hallway becomes an extension of your office and not a separate individual component.

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