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6 Mistakes to Avoid in Office Fitout

6 Mistakes to Avoid in Office Fitout

Fitting out an office can come with a lot of responsibilities. You don’t want to waste your money and you don’t want your time to go to waste because you’re not thinking practically about the layout and decor, so here are a couple of office fitout mistakes that you want to avoid.

Forgetting your priorities

Many business owners will think more about form than function and this one office fitout mistake you don’t want to make. Focus on functionality to ensure your business runs smoothly instead of how your office looks.

Office Fit-out - Forgetting your priorities

Trying to do it yourself

There’s a reason why people pay interior designers to help them plan an office–because they know what works! Avoid making your own mistakes and pay a professional to help instead.

Office Fit-out - Trying to do it yourself

Lacking modularity

Modular offices are a great way to make a flexible office that can be adapted to your ever-changing needs.

Office Fit-out - Lacking modularity

No scalability

If your office design is locked-in then it’s going to be hard to change anything and this will make it difficult to cope with your future growth.

Office Fit-out - No scalability

Ignoring landlords

You likely don’t own the premises so make sure you let your landlord know about any big office fitout changes that you plan. In some cases, they might even assist you financially if it’s a good idea.

Office Fit-out - Ignoring landlords

Forgetting what your employees want

At the end of the day your employees are the ones working in the office, so avoid fitout mistakes by consulting them first before making a decision to change something.

Office Fit-out - Forgetting what your employees want

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