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Building Regulations for Office Refurbishment

Building Regulations for Office Refurbishment

When it comes to office refurbishment, it’s likely that you may wish to change many facets of your workspace that require more than just a simple moving of furniture or the introduction of an odd plant or two.  More major changes that could involve the redesign or restructuring of your office – whether or not you are opting for an office fit out or a complete rebuild – will need to be authorised by relevant local authorities to ensure that your proposed design project adheres to building regulations.

Installing partitions or blending rooms together into an open-plan office refurbishment will likely require the intervention of building regulations to ensure that you are authorised to make the changes that you are proposing.  Such changes and alterations will require you to complete certain paperwork and possibly pay a fee, meaning that it is highly recommended that you research and plan effectively before accommodating for an office fit out of any size or scale.

But what will happen if you don’t approach the necessary body for building regulations?  It’s fairly simple – you could be breaking the law, and for the sake of filling out necessary paperwork and clearing a one-time fee, it makes legal and common sense to ensure that you abide by the rules that office refurbishment is bound by – and GXI Group ensure that all office fit out projects we consult on are covered by building regulations providing that necessary permission is sought.

If you’re considering an office fit out but are bogged down by the thought of applying for permission to refurbish your workspace for you and your colleagues, GXI Group can help guide you through the process as well as helping you decide on a design which works best for you and your colleagues for the weeks and months to come.

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