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CAT A+ office fit-out: Everything you need to know

CAT A+ office fit-out Everything you need to know

Fit-out space development is done in offices with the aim of adapting its functionality to the needs of the people who use it, ensuring that space does what its inhabitants or owners need it to do. 'Fit out' is a term used to describe the process of making interior spaces ready for use. It is often used in relation to office development, where the construction of the foundation is completed by an engineer. The entire process has a few stages, each referring to the readiness of the space to be occupied by tenants.

The first stage of a fit-out is referred to as shell and core. It covers the essentials forms the basic structure of the space. They usually include composition, coverage, basic plant, common completed areas and outdoor activities. The next two steps in the fit-out process are CAT A and CAT B.

CAT A and CAT B fit-out

CAT A fit-out model aims to ensure that the space is suitable for office builders to be able to meet the needs and requirements of the employers. It involves creating a blank canvas for the occupants to design to their taste and needs and usually includes an apartment with a finished floor and an industrial roof, painted walls, toilets, fire detection, mechanical and electrical services. Cat A fit-outs include things like Lighting, AC, Toilets, Raised access flooring, Grid Ceilings and Basic fire detection systems.

The CAT B office fit-out takes place after CAT A. Here, a tenant is given CAT A, who then finds an interior design or office fit-out company to fill the blank space. In some cases, it may involve reorganizing existing space. However, it usually involves converting an empty CAT A space into a workspace suitable for staff accommodation. CAT B includes things like walls and doors, the floor ends, Professional and resource enlightenment, Cafe, study areas and kitchen areas, Furniture, Branded and decorative items.

GXI Group offers you CAT B and CAT A fit-out services. With experience and a great team, they design a workplace of your dream, helping you brand your office effortlessly. Their hands-on and customer-centric approach ensures you get an aesthetically pleasing office space that suits your needs to the T.

However, there is a new office fit-out stage in the market. According to the demand, building owners are now offering an alternative to the CAT A and CAT B model.

Office Fit-Out, London

What is CAT A+?

The CAT A Plus spaces come fully equipped and connected via Wi-Fi, allowing employers to easily connect their devices and continue their day-to-day operations. That is why many people refer to these spaces as "plug and play" offices. This helps companies save capital they would need to invest for a CAT B fit-out during an office renovation.

How is CAT A+ different?

Category A product releases often involve the business owner to create an empty canvas to attract a wide variety of employers or customers. CAT A-fit-out, for example, usually has a large open space and is decorated with white or neutral colours.

On the other side of the spectrum is CAT B. Phase B balancing is influenced by the needs and preferences of the tenant and converts an empty space into a workplace that is already ready for people to inhabit. For example, the exit of CAT B will include furnished rooms, interior cabinet installation and bespoke sealing and artistic details.

Between these two categories, there is CAT A +. Category A + is influenced by the property owner's applications and includes features that ensure the property is suitable for the tenant.

Office Fit-Out, London

Why has CAT A+ become so popular?

CAT A+ has recently become popular because it assists potential employers in creating a ready-to-move-in workplace. It ensures that employers can start working in a rented environment as soon as possible. CAT A+ has become a necessity as the number of collaboration spaces has also increased.

With more employees starting to work remotely, the need for inviting collaborative spaces is even higher. Homeowners can benefit from a focus on office collaboration by using CAT A+ office fit-outs to create fully functional and informal full-fledged office spaces for just a company or tenant. This can increase the value of properties significantly.

Some of the benefits of CAT A+ fit-outs for homeowners include:

  • Decrease vacancies
  • Attract tenant
  • Higher profitability
  • Go Green

Now we have explored CAT A, CAT B, CAT A+; it is easier and simpler to see what each means and the differences between them. This will make it easier to understand what is right for any project. Of course, all the options have their merits. However, choosing and offering a variety of options for those who will live in them is very important and helps create a truly competitive market for commercial real estate. At GXI Group, you can get CAT B and CAT A fit-outs for your commercial space to fit your needs and boost your revenue.

Office Fit-Out, London

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