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Easy Ways to Add Brand Recognition with a New Office Fit Out

Easy Ways to Add Brand Recognition with a New Office Fit Out

One of the greatest benefits of improving your office design is that it can have an impact on brand recognition and the identity of your business. The right office design can improve the chances of new clients signing on the dotted line and deciding that your business is the right solution for your needs. One of the ways that you can do this is demonstrating what your brand is and what it can offer. Essentially, you can use your office fit out to remind customers who you are. The best part is that this isn’t difficult or complicated to achieve. Here are a few of the easiest options.

Show The Logo

One option to consider would be to showcase the logo. This could be a decal on a wall in the reception area or even in the shared office space. It can be bold, beautiful, eye-catching and a centrepiece attraction of your office space. Or, it can be more subtle and become just one part of a complete design.

One of the ways to do this is to instead use the colours and shades of your business logo or brand to decorate the office and the reception area. This does have an impact on brand recognition in a way that is both subtle and beautiful.

Office Fit Out Ideas

Be More Abstract

If you want to be even more abstract while still showcasing what your business is about and what it can offer then you need to pair the design with the themes and goals of your company.

An example of this would be a business that is built around the concept of health and wellness. For a company like this, it might be a good idea to include elements that are natural. This includes wood fixtures as well as plants for decoration or perhaps even an indoor water feature. You can easily see how this could elevate the philosophy of the business.

Office Fit Out Ideas

Embrace Achievements

Alternatively, you might have numerous achievements that you want to highlight. You can do this with a brand wall or a story wall. This, as the name suggests, highlights the story of your business and demonstrates the achievements that your company has built up over the years. It can be designed as a timeline of unique, groundbreaking moments in the history of your brand.

Or, you can focus on utilizing the reviews of your business. These can be on the walls of the business reception areas as decals or something similar. These will immediately put the mind of new clients at ease, letting them know they are with a trusted business.

Office Fit Out Ideas

Display What You Sell

Finally, you could decide to showcase what you sell as part of your new office fit out and design. This could be displayed as a collage or beautiful abstract art pieces. You could even have models and this will largely depend on what you sell as well as your business model. It’s important to find the choice that matches the brand image of your business the best.

Office Fit Out Ideas

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