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Glass Office Partitions – Everything You Need to Know

Glass Office Partitions – Everything You Need to Know

Privacy plays a vital role in the office space; writers need it to focus on work while testers need it to find bugs in a program, and the same for designers for creative flow. All humans need privacy to function correctly in one or another way.

Whether you are having a small business or a giant corporation, privacy is required by almost everybody. Does your office promote focus and productivity? The lack of privacy at the workplace hinders a person’s sense of autonomy and less control over the working environment and causes suffering in productivity.  You can create glass partition walls for offices.

Some employees complain that they can’t find a space for private calls from their doctor, child’s school, or calls related to work matters; they either have to go to the bathroom, conference room, or outside the office premises.

Privacy allows us to set social boundaries, implies freedom to share, gives freedom about who should have access to our information, etc. Privacy is essential as it takes time and space to transform ideas into practical solutions. The Glass partition in London can assist you in designing the space according to your current and future requirements.

Types of Privacy

1. Territorial Privacy

Territorial privacy is a state of being free from public scrutiny and judgements. There are different ways of establishing territorial privacy, either by assigning a particular workstation, offering a private cabin or a designated private talk area. But it is hard to create territorial privacy in the case of an open workspace structure. Employees should have a sense of belonging to a space. You can consult our office space consultant to establish territorial privacy.

2. Acoustic Privacy

Acoustic privacy can be achieved in two ways: either by absorbing noise effectively or by offering quiet zones. In the open office layout, working without getting disturbed by noise is a big win in itself. To meet this goal, one can use a perforated ceiling, create an enclosed space, sound absorber, acoustic dampers, living plants, acoustic panels, carpets, partitions, or living goals.

3. Visual Privacy

Another type of privacy is visual privacy, and the good thing is that one can provide visual privacy by making certain changes in the layout. We believe people sometimes need space to get away from distractions or where they do not want to be seen. Create visual privacy with the help of room dividers, high backs, natural plants, panels, partitions, elegant furniture, etc.

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