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How Long Does an Office Fit Out Take?

How Long Does an Office Fit Out Take

If you are completing an office fit-out this year, you might be curious how long it will take. The time spent on your office fit out may impact levels of productivity and the performance of your business on the market. As such, it’s important to have a firm schedule in place.

That said, there is no specific set time for your office fit out. This will depend on a number of factors discussed below.

Size Of The Office Fitout

Generally speaking, this will be the main consideration when determining how long your fit out will take. A small office can be completed in just a few days. If you have a project that is going to cost around twenty thousand, expect it to take roughly two weeks. If you’re spending a hundred thousand, it’s more likely to be about six weeks. For a million dollar project, expect at least twelve weeks. These are basic estimates and it does depend on other factors.

Office Fit Out

Condition of Property

It is possible that you are working with a completely empty space. This will be easier and thus a faster job compared to where demolition and strip out is required. You can expect this work to add at least a couple of days or a couple weeks onto the fit-out depending on the size of the job.

If the premises are ready to be occupied, this will also make the fit-out far more rapid. It will ensure that there is less work to be completed. It will also likely mean that a few key services are already in place. For instance, the office may already be set up for fibre.

Office Fit Out


Consider the complexity of your plans when determining how long your fit out is going to take. More complex plans with intricate features and unique design ideas will always take longer. In contrast, basic office designs can be completed in far less time.

This will also depend on the type of space you are creating. Offices will take far longer than the typical open plan area.

Office Fit Out


You may find that you need approval from the local government in your area. It’s also possible that you need approval by your landlord. This will be particularly relevant if the fit out will change the exterior of the building. Planning applications can take several months to be processed and approved. You will have a far better chance of rapid approval if you work with a professional contractor from the beginning.

Office Fit Out


Finally, you need to think about the furniture and materials being used. It’s possible that your fit out requires furniture and supplies to be transported from overseas. If that’s the case, the process will take several weeks more, particularly if they can not be ordered straight away. Or, if they require specific hard surfaces such as veneer and laminate.

This should provide a basic idea of how long a fit-out may take. It will always depend on the type of fit out you need and the level of work required to complete your new office space.

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