How to Effectively Manage an Office Relocation at Low Cost
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How to Effectively Manage an Office Relocation at Low Cost

How to Effectively Manage an Office Relocation at Low Cost

Moving your office can be an expensive and time-consuming task, but there are a couple of ways to help you manage an office relocation at a much lower cost while also causing considerably less stress.

Get your team on the same page

And office move isn’t something that will be taken lightly by your staff, so make sure you get everyone on the same page by speaking to your staff about it before you initiate any kind of moves. The last thing you want is for people to quit because the new office is in a location that isn’t ideal for them.

Give yourself 3-6 months to prepare

Don’t spring it on your staff that you’re going to move in the next week. Everyone needs time to prepare and you also need time to plan your move. You need to let your customers and clients know that you’re moving and you need to start planning your new layout so that your employees can quickly adapt to their new working conditions. The sooner you prepare, the fewer issues you’ll encounter in the future regarding the move.

Don’t try and do everything yourself

Moving an office is going to require a lot of labour so don’t try and manage it yourself and don’t get your employees to do it either–they’ve got enough on their plates. Call in a moving team to help you sort out your office move and schedule this as soon as possible so that you’re not struggling with last-minute issues. It might sound expensive, but this is far better than the associated costs of losing time because of your move.

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