Impact of Activity Based Working
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Impact of Activity Based Working

Impact of Activity Based Working

In a typical office setup, everyone has their own desk where they do all their work. It’s been this way for years, but there’s a new trend on the horizon. The emergency of activity-based working has really shaken things up in the workplace. Instead of everyone working in one place, you set up various stations around the office that are made for one specific activity. So, they move around to where they need to be based on the work they’re doing.

Some people think this is a crazy fad that does more harm than good, while others firmly scream about the benefits from the rooftops. So, what is the impact of activity-based working? Well, the research suggests that it can actually have a profound effect on your workplace:

Increase employee productivity

An impressive stat surrounding activity-based working is that 70% of participants in a recent study said it improved their productivity levels. Other research backs this up by showing that one company saw an 8% rise in activity after implementing this new technique. It’s thought the reason behind this is that each workstation is designed to be perfect for specific tasks. So, you have everything you need for that task, eliminating other distractions on your desk. The environment is also designed to stimulate each task, which can help people concentrate.

Improve employee satisfaction

You need satisfied employees if you want to reduce turnover rates and run an effective business. Well, 98% of highly satisfied employees will be in a job where they can move around the office as often as they like. Activity-based working provides these conditions, which means it can improve employee satisfaction rates. When people are given more freedom and don’t feel tied to one place all day long, it will inevitably make them happier.

Also, activity-based working encourages people to get up and move around. Therefore, they’re not static all day long, which improves their health. There’s time to walk around and stretch, there are places to relax; it makes your employees healthier, which makes them happier.

Reduce operating costs

A surprising impact of activity-based working is that it can help lower your operating costs. Utility companies claim they’ve seen decreases between $11.43 and $14.29 million since switching to this model. Furthermore, another company managed to get rid of 30% of desks in their office - fewer desks leads to lower procurement costs. A reason for the reduction in operating costs could be that employee satisfaction is raised, which improves retention. Low turnover means less money is spent on hiring new employees every year. Plus, boosted productivity means more work gets done in less time, which can be more cost-effective.

It’s clear that activity-based working can have a positive impact on your business. If you want to implement it, then ensure you create spaces that meet the needs of all your employees. Not only that, but ensure you have workspaces that tackle as many tasks as possible, giving your staff more areas to work. When you see the benefits it brings, it’s well worth giving activity-based working a go.

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