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Office Fitout Ideas for Small Work Spaces

Office Fitout Ideas for Small Work Spaces

Not all businesses or offices require a standard amount of space – many people see office floors or business premises as standard, regardless of the size of the corporation or turnover of the business. However, what some operations may not realise is that an office can be filled into almost any space – this is known as an office fit out, and GXI Group can provide a fit-out service to almost any size and space depending upon your business’ needs and budget.

GXI Group have worked with a number of different high profile firms and corporations to provide office refurbishment from the ground up – bringing modern twists to outdated looks and spaces for businesses that require a new slant or to create a series of new impressions from potential clients. One of our more popular services is our fit-out service, and we are happy to work directly with our clients to discuss practicality and potential functionality of both tighter and larger spaces alike. At Kohinoor, GXI have been used 2D and 3D CAD technology, we will be able to work together with clients to analyse and draw up floor plans and models of what a finished space will look like – this means that we will be able to effectively see how a fit-out will work and benefit the space that you have acquired.

While your operation may be considering taking out a larger space, it may be worth your consideration opting for a smaller space if you are concerned that much of the unit will go to waste – GXI will be able to analyse such a space for you and your business needs, creating an effective bespoke design and potentially saving your operation money in the long-term. An office fit out could save you money in a smaller space than to fill out a larger unit in its entirety – and we will be able to help you arrange this.

GXI employ a large team of experts, including engineers and designers with years of practical knowledge in planning for office fit outs in even the smallest of spaces – meaning that if you’re looking to downsize, save money on a new refit or simply want to make use of small lease in your area, GXI Group will be happy to help you with any design or installation queries you may have.

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