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Office Interior Design Trends for Autumn/winter 2017

Office Interior Design Trends for Autumn/winter 2017

As experts in office interiors London firms rely upon, we always need to make sure that we keep our fingers on the pulse of the action – of the industry, and ways through which we can help to improve the look and functionality of the offices and businesses we partner with. We don’t think any office or workspace deserves to be left behind in the past – and while trends and design choices may change from year to year, we always aim to present design choices that not only embellish a company image and brand but also offer a contemporary and practical look which will serve for years to come. Trends come and go – so we effectively aim to future-proof for all of our clients, no matter what they may require from us.

One big trend that has never really gone away and which is set to continue well into the colder seasons of 2017 is glass partitions – and flexible walling. Stuffy cubicles and fixed partitions have gone the way of the ghost – meaning that more and more offices are either crafting full transparency with full on glass installations or are moving to open plan design. This means that walls are being removed entirely, or workspaces are moving to the modern contact centre approach – whereby agents work together on a round table basis with minor partitions set up on either side. The modern office – as any experts in office interiors London or elsewhere will likely advice – is one which is open to collaboration. The exclusive workforce is a thing of the past.

Further to this, informal branding and a less corporate approach to office interiors London and beyond has been on the approach for some years now – and this seasons will see many offices and workspaces really take on that informal look that’s gripping modern businesses and retail outfits alike. People like being talked to as people – meaning that businesses stuck in the past concerned with figures and seat-filling may find themselves drifting away with the tide.

Here at GXI, we ensure that we are always in touch with the latest in office design trends – to make sure that modern businesses we work with can continue to thrive in a world where tastes and trends are always on the change. This is, too, so we can ensure that you are always operating at peak efficiency – with a great look to boot.

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