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Space-saving Solutions for Your Office

Space-saving Solutions for Your Office

No office refurbishment checklist should be without more than a few ideas on how to free up that scarce commodity – space – whether you’re working with a small team or a larger firm in dire need of some elbow room. We therefore advise in each and every consultation that you place space on a pedestal. Space enhances productivity, improves efficiency and can even help to boost morale – a triple-threat attack which we think will help to enhance the performance of your office and workforce tenfold. But what’s the best way to get started – when office space planning, how do you make sure that you move in the right direction?

First things first – consider your partitioning and how you’re currently storing essential data, items and more besides. Are you able to efficiently find the tools and data you need? Are your staff choked by having been crammed into tiny cubicles? Are several people sharing one desk? Re-wire your thinking. Inclusive, open office spaces are very 2018 – meaning that if you’re really looking towards a space-focused environment, it may well be time for you to consider how important collaborative working can be.

Put aside clunky workspaces and awkward filing cabinets – because free-moving, data-dependent workplaces are at the forefront of several industries right now. Hot-desking is where employees never have one fixed desk – and this may be a solution if you’re looking to cut down on personal clutter and to grant your staff more room to breathe and, of course, to work. Consider, too, the importance of physical data – in that it’s dwindling. More and more workplaces, whether office space planning or otherwise, are moving their data to the cloud – and are even running their networks through off-site establishments. This saves an incredible amount of space – giving you more chance to think about how to make the most of a new, open-plan look.

No office refurbishment checklist should be complete, either, without considering furniture. Do we really need clunky desks and swivel chairs in this day and age? Consider space-saving workstations which are comfortable, classy and which grant your staff the opportunity to work and enjoy what they do unimpeded by cramp or clutter. We’ll help you look at the best ways to reduce this!

GXI Group have a wealth of experience in office space planning and refurbishing even the most cluttered of workspaces – so never be afraid to approach us for a little advice!

Solutions for Your Office

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