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Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Workspace

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Workspace

Knowing exactly what makes your employees tick is half the battle – but when considering an office fit out, you are also going to need to keep a close eye on current trends, contemporary design choices and ways through which you can really bring out the best in your workforce. There are many different ways employees can be inspired – from redesigning office partitions to creating more opportunities for storage and less ways to divide people, you simply need to consider how your business could grow with just a few tweaks and changes made to your existing office.

Office partitions are one of the main factors of the modern office that have changed dramatically in a very short space of time. While offices of old – twenty to thirty years ago, in fact – may have depended upon cubicles and heavy partitioning, modern workspaces encourage open thinking, and open working. Here at GXI Group, we couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. An open plan office, one that can be brought to life from scratch via office fit out, encourages collaboration, more room to breathe and – of course, allows you to rethink your storage strategy.

We work with hundreds of firms regularly to rethink their workspace strategy. Have you allowed for enough storage for files and equipment? Do your employees have enough room to comfortably work in? Is your furniture easily moveable or designed to aid the user – rather than impede them? We ask all of these questions – we believe that unlocking the full potential of your workspace lies less in just removing a few office partitions and more in considering how you could make your staff’s lives easier, and how you could enhance productivity at the same time. Productive employees are happy and well looked-after – meaning that ensuring an office fit out has their spatial and functional concerns adhered to as priority is very important to us.

No two businesses are the same, and neither are two workspaces – but by applying the basics of workplace psychology in line with contemporary and ergonomic design, GXI Group regularly enable companies of all ages and sizes to rejuvenate their workspaces. If you’re interested to find out how we could help you turn your office around – or even create an entirely new office fit out for you – call us today on 020 8732 5582– or email us with a query without obligation.

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