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Specialising in Fast-track End-to-end Office Fit Out and Refurbishments for Small & Medium Size Businesses

We Assist With Office Fit Out and Space Planning for Your Commercial Property or Work Space

We Assist With Office Fit Out and Space Planning for Your Commercial Property or Work Space

The need for functional, modern workspaces is growing – and with this, the need for experts such as those working with us at GXI Group has never been higher. When it comes to creating that great first office space design, you’re going to need to consult a firm who know more than a little about how to get the most from your office interiors – and a team whose knowledge of office fit out trends and practicalities puts them at the very forefront of their industry. Here at GXI, we understand that no two offices are the same – and this is why we work closely and personally with each and every one of our clients to ensure that our designs and plans embody their brands and ethos as much as they adhere to their needs and desires.

An office fit out is – essentially – a brand new office from the ground-up. We work with new firms, or those already established and relocating, to build a whole new workspace in an existing shell – this means, if it is a new firm, taking into account the people who will be working there on a daily basis, the storage required, the industry the company operates in and what functionality will be required – right down to electricity ports and partitioning. With this, we add in our expert knowledge of office interiors and the trends that are propelling major industry players to the front of the pack.

For existing firms who are relocating, we look more at the space planning side of things. Moving premises is a perfect opportunity to rethink your office interiors strategy – how can you effectively improve employee morale and productivity with just a few changes to your initial office design? In these circumstances, we look closely at a firm’s existing office layout and establish what is essential to the firm and to the workforce – looking all the while at ways through which we can make processes more efficient, or ways in which we can emphasise the company brand and ethos that are new and inspiring.

All in all, GXI Group have the talent, the expertise and the passion you need from office fit out experts – having worked with small, medium and large enterprises in and around London over the past few years, we are proud to be constantly broadening our scope – and to be able to bring industry-changing concepts and ideas to firms who may need them the most.

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