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What Colour Scheme Does Your Office Need?

What Colour Scheme Does Your Office Need

Knowing what’s best for your office space is more difficult than it may first appear – after all, unless you are actively up on all the office interiors Londonhas to offer, you’re going to feel somewhat lost in terms of knowing what the most effective colour schemes and designs are for your team and your brand.  Getting the colour scheme right for your office can mean making a conscious choice between adhering to your brand or favourite colours and choosing those which are either inoffensive or inspiring – and, of course, the best colour scheme for you will be entirely dependent on what your business does, and how your team works.

Colours commonly used in office fit out and office refurbishment may vary, though with shifts towards the contemporary and away from stuffy cubicles in recent years, you can be assured that reliance upon dull greys and metallic colours of old are pretty much out of the window – unless, of course, they are part of your company branding.  Many modern offices opt for bright, attractive colours that inspire strong emotions.  This, however, may not necessarily be for you.  If the idea of atomic tangerine or neon purple really turns your stomach, it may be time to consider going for something a little more neutral.

Choosing the right colour scheme does often mean borrowing a little bit of what is known as ‘colour theory’.  In our office fit out projects, we aim to employ calm, soothing colours that lessen stress and help employees to stay on the ball.  Big, brash colours such as deep reds, purples and oranges should always be avoided unless you need them as part of your company branding.  Even then, we’d advise against splashing your walls in shocking magenta.  We suggest that blues, greens and even whites be used liberally throughout office refurbishment, and even then not too over-zealously.  While you may not be looking for a completely blank canvas, you can be both too minimal or too over-the-top.  Choose colours that align with your brand, but aren’t too in-your-face.

From here, you’ll easily find the best colour scheme to complement your brand and your workplace.  No two colour schemes are the same, meaning that if you are ever in project with GXI Group, we will ensure that we keep to your initial vision and make colour suggestions as and when needed.  You’ll never know what looks good until you get one or two professional opinions on board!

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